Green Belt Day 2018 Nature Photography Training

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As part of the Green Belt Day 2018 celebrations, the Bulgarian Balkan Green Foundation and Turkish foundation of Back to Nature organized a photography training program with Euronatur’s fund support from Germany.


The training of nature photography was performed at 22-24 September in İğneada Turkey, Levka Village Bulgaria the scope of Europian Green Belt Day 2018. Participants who attended training from Turkey and Bulgaria, keeped informed about ethics of bird and the photo shooting in nature.They evaluated their photos which taken in the same day with Mehmet Hanay.
The second stage of the event was carried out at the little kestrel feeding and reproduction center in the village of Levka in Svilengrad, Bulgaria. Natural life photographer Lubomir Andreev informed the participants about nature photography, while the works carried out in Bulgaria were transferred via photo slides and videos.
The event which continuing two nights and three days ended with a certificate ceremony and photo exhibition.

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Within the scope of the Green belt, it was realized simultaneously in 24 countries.We thank you for cooperation to Turkey Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry General Directorate of Nature Conservation National Parks Kirklareli Branch Directorate and Bulgarian Balkan Green Foundation.

Event photos can be found in our archive.

Meeting of Balkan Countries Youth Councils


We attended the Acto Project, which was attended by councils of youth from Balkan countries in Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina, from February 16th to February 24th.

With this project, Turkey, Macedonia, Montenegro, Italy, Serbia, Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina as countries to increase the adequacy of the youth council representatives, to support their advocacy campaign execution, to inform the citizens, authorities, organizations providing participation is aimed my increase the organizational capacity.

We have been informed of this project, which covers the area we have been working on for a long time, by an invitation from the Youth Organisations Forum (go-for) to which we are a member.

This capacity development project, which is a partner of the common Education Center from Turkey, is supported by Erasmus+ K2 – cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Capacity Building for youth in neighbouring and enlargement countries Capacity Building for youth – Western Balkans.

At the training stage of the project, workshops were held on the implementation of youth policies in decision-making mechanisms and on the participation of young people in decision-making processes, and on the promotion of the experiences of participating young people through initiatives taken in campaign processes.

The coordinator of the project Jasmina Banjaluckic from the Council of Youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina gives us information about the programme and the project.

High school teens in Jajce do great things. They have launched an initiative in the education system against the State against discrimination and discrimination, and are now leading a strict reform of Education. An attempt to be taken as an example. Young people were very equipped. His speech was an inspirational presentation.

At the  training workshops such as advocacy campaigns and tools, civil initiatives and examples, information and communication tools, in our external times we had the chance to get to know the culture of young people from countries both visiting the Jajce environment.

A picture of Jajce’s natural beauty,small huts is a mill.

One of the 12 most beautiful falls in the world is Pliva waterfall.

Representatives of Balkan countries showed great interest in the promotional booklets and gifts provided by Kırklareli Municipality during the cultural night events.

The hall where the anti-fascist assembly was convened during World War II and then the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was established. Everything is in the same place as it was that day.

Great view of the city of Jajce from the castle stairs.

We are together with the Turkish team from the TOY Youth Association who invited us to the project. Thank you very much. A great team is doing a great job. Follow them. We organized a small workshop in ICT tools with them. We’ve learned some more very nice tools. So we had a chance to introduce our association and Go-For.

Thanks to Elma and Nejra from Jajce for their hostpitality and kindly gifts.

The palace where I came with the Freja Forum thanks to the support of Civil Thought, I was photographed in the same place again in Bosnia. Finally, a union that I want is coming to life.

Following this training, a conference will be held in Serbia. Later, a meeting will be held for the networks of national youth councils, youth forums and organizations and institutions working on youth policy, to develop new project ideas, to share examples of good practice on advocacy and civil rights, to strengthen intercultural dialogue, to publish a publication on equality and diversity.
In cooperation with national youth councils in the Balkans, a network will be established which we have dreamed of.
We will continue to announce the news related to the project from our page.

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Selçuk Aslan

Association of Back to Nature