Movement – Abundance – Body Workshop

Movement – Abundance – Body Workshop, supported by BIRLIKTE: Local CSOs Institutional Support Program funded by the European Union-was held on 1-2 June 2019 in Kırklareli İğneada Longoz Forests


The workshop was held with the attendance of 33 young individuals. Along with participants from Turkey there were also participants from Hästekasen Farm of Sweden and Velebitska Udruga Kuterevo of Croatia and they all shared their experiences with each other.


During our camping event, which was located at the edge of Longoz Forests, all cooking, cleaning and workshop organizations were held in a co-op manner.
In our camp, where we studied the ways of understanding and respecting the movement of nature, we experienced camping in harmony with it and followed a peaceful approach by using local and handmade products of non-plastic and non-chemical.


During the improvised dance workshop, we listened to the rhythm of wind whispering among the branches of trees and waves of the sea in this pristine nature of the Black Sea coast where we give it a new movement through our bodies dancing to the rhythm.


With various workshops organized by our fellow performance artists and the other participants we tried to experience the movement of nature in our bodies. In the day time we performed our activities under the shade of oak trees and when the day is done we gathered around our campfire to adopt our voices to the songs of nocturnal birds.
Activities of the camp:

  • Meet the essence of the body with soil
  • Introduction to natural breath
  • Waking up the body
  • Introduction to improvised dance
  • Land-Art workshop
  • Meditation
  • Experiencing soil element in nature
  • Wise Tree workshop
  • Bird watching
  • Juggling workshop
  • Basic survival skills in nature

Besides these workshops, some additional activities such as hiking, top roping and climbing techniques, slacklining, canoeing and music were held.

Thanks to our participants and volunteers.

Photos of the workshop

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